Christian Education Support;

This is aimed to support high school graduates who are interested to pursue a career in the Christian ministry in the form of a full or partial scholarship, and Christian teenagers or single adults who need financial help to get school or college or Bible college education.

We stand and partner with;

Schools, Sunday schools, collages, Bible collages, educational orgs/institutes, teachers & students to help them with education, transformative learning & tools.

We connect teachers, administrators, parents, and support staff with exciting educational opportunities. God is using our members, their skills, and contexts, to bring the light and healing of the Gospel to all—children, adults, leaders, and ministry workers, educational institutes. We equip educators, schools, and organizations to serve our Lord with integrity and excellence in pursuit of our common vision for transformational education.




with us


Support for Educational Institutes: in the form of Education, Training & Certification for the Staff, Material, Infrastructure building,

Scholarships for students of schools, Biblical Institutes, collages etc.


Advocacy and Research on Transformative Education & educational behaviors to give this world a better understanding and benefit of education

Trainings & Workshops for teachers and leaders of schools, Bible schools and Sunday schools.

Sessions with young People to give them a better understanding of the modern world and future.

Learning programs for Women to help them learn skills to live their live with honor and be an active part of the society