About the Founder

Mr. Samuel George (Founder of LORDS HOME FOUNDATION – 2004)

About the Founder: (Story of LORDS HOME FOUNDATION)

Samuel George Gill (late) is the founder of the Lords Home Foundation; It is his legacy story.

He served as a primary and middle school teacher all his life in a private school till 2002. In 2004 he continued his legacy of teaching by planting a small school of single room with 45 children at Issa Nagar colony – Kahan New District Lahore. This school was called; LORDS HOME School. He managed to run the school single-handed without any help of any means from anyone. In 2010 he came up with the name of LORDS HOME FOUNDATION, with the vision to reach children and women with education and better health opportunities.

He could not work on his vision due to his bad health, he got liver cancer and the battle with cancer he could not win and went to be with the Lord on 3 June 2017. In January 2021, his son Rev. Raja Shaleem Samuel stood up to take his father’s legacy to the next generation by serving as the president of LORDS HOME FOUNDATION. He wants to carry his father’s vision and legacy to the next generation by serving the nation with better education and health facilities.

He has announced SAMUEL’S Award of scholarship for students and various institutes to get free education.

About the President:

The President of LORDS HOME FOUNDATION; Rev. Raja Shaleem Samuel has begun serving as an ordained pastor in 2009. He has served and he is serving with the following organizations, churches, mission agencies & institutes.

Lead Pastor of HARVEST EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF ASIA (Since 2017) Co-Founder & Executive Director of UNITED CARE FOUNDATION (Since 2013) President & CEO of UNREACHED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Since 2020) Missionary of AWANA International (2016 to 2020) Bible Ministry Representative of LOGOS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (Since 2018) Country Representative of INTERNATIONAL ORALITY NETWORK (Since2020) Country Representative of CHRISTIAN FAMILIES TODAY (Since 2017) National Ambassador of NATIONAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (2019) Founder of ANTAKYA BIBLE INSTITUTE FOR MISSION MOBILIZATION (Since 2020)

Rev. Raja Shaleem Samuel